His Works

Chamber and Solo  Music

Caprice (piano)(2006, 1 min )

    first performance:  October 2006 - Luciane Cardassi

Rubaiyat Suite (soprano, flute, alto flute and cello)(2005, 9 min)

     six quatrains from verse of Omar Khayyam, translated by Edward Fitzgerald

The Chamois - transcended (flute and cello)(2004, 3 min)

    first performance:  Geof Gartner , cello; Kathleen Gallagher, flute

Rain storm in  the Caribe (percussion and electronics)(2003, 4 min)

    multi-media piece on study of Fibonacci series

Orfeo Suite (tenor and piano, ensemble) (2002, 9 min)

Sonata Allegro (piano)(1998; 4 min)

Back to Bach (ensemble and organ)(1998, 3 mi

At the Coral Reef (ensemble) (1997, 2 min)

Literary Compositions

Operas for your Enjoyment (2004 to Present)

   An ‘in progress’ series of handouts for “Opera Appreciation’ lectures which present the characters, storyline and significant musical analysis of the opera.

The Future of Music (2005)

    A monograph on the contemporary musical scene.

Losing Voters through Neglect (LA Times op-ed , November 14, 1993

    “Talk of change appears to have been lip service.  Appointive positions have gone largely  to Democrats and City Hall Insiders.   Conservatives are taking note.”

False Gods and Graven Imagines (1991)

   A monograph asking if there is a substitute for a belief in God and an afterlife.

Gerritsen Beach (1990-)

    An unfinished draft of an autobiographical story of a young man growing up at 4 Garland Court, Gerrittsen Beach , Brooklyn, New York.

Search for Serenity (1989)

    An appraisal of 12-step programs, offering an alternative method of overcoming        

    addictions by first achieving personal serenity.

Terror in Paradise (1986)

    An hour-by-hour account of the day when Harry and Alice were held captive by 50-   

    odd employees of the Admiralty Club in Jamaica.   This biographical story is offered as a    

    ‘caveat’ to those who would consider relocating or starting a business in any foreign    


Magnificent Rogue (1980)

    A candid retelling of the life of Errol Flynn who once owned Navy Island in the harbor of

    Port Antonio, Jamaica - locale of the Admiralty Club operated by Harry and Alice.

In Time to Come (1953)

    A biographical short story.   Winner of that year’s USAF Original Literary Contest.


Orfeo’s Lament (2002)

    Original text set to music as part of the “Orfeo Suite”

My Island Paradise (1953)

    A short quatrain on first seeing Guam.

The Devil’s Own Disciple, I (1949)

   A complaint against the once prevailing custom of ladies wearing hats at the theater in

    New York City.

Works Edited

A Study of the Leitmotifs in Wagner’s ‘Ring”  (1982)

    A comprehensive listing of all the important leitmotifs as they appear and re-occur  and         

   notated in the libretti of the four music dramas.

The Shattered Spear (in progress)

    On January 25, 1993, Dr. Michael Michell died at 46.   In the prior year, he gave Harry the                

    mostly finished draft to complete and perform such editing as he deemed necessary.

    The book was commissioned under Grane Award by the Eilers and reflects Michael’s

    extensive research and lectures on the tragic and musical essences of Wagner’s ‘Ring”.

Favorite Bon Mots

The things you get for nothing are the things that cost the most !”

“Beware of self-fulfilling prophecies.”

“The older I am; the better I was.”